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How selar helps creators sell digital products and services easily

How selar helps creators sell digital products and services easily

In this guide, we would see how selar helps creators sell digital products and services easily.

As a creator, finding a platform that handles most of your problems after you have done your part creating the products or services and getting traffic to it can do you a whole lot of good and that's where selar comes in. 

The act of selling products online has become mainstream, as more and more people become digital creators. 

A platform that can handle the payments, delivery of digital goods, and is easy to use is very important and that's where selar comes in. 

What is selar

Selar is simply your all-in-one e-commerce store builder to sell any kind of digital product or service to anyone in the world. 

Who owns Selar?

Selar is owned by Douglas Kendyson, who in 2016 started selar in Lagos to give content creators a platform to sell their digital products and services. This platform can be used by anyone to sell products and services to anyone in the world.

How do you make money on Selar?

There are several ways you can make money on, Most of these ways are what you do already as a content creator. which are

1. Selling Ebooks
2. Selling courses and memberships
3. Selling your services like coaching, Consultation, web design services, and more...
4. Selling physical goods
5. Training etc.

These and many more you can sell on easily

How does Selar make money?

Selar makes money only when you make money too or through upgrading to one of their plans which would offer you more features while using the platform. 

So basically, when you make a sale and want to withdraw your money, selar takes a little charge for the services its renders. These charges are very low and affordable.

So selar is free to use and you can get started for free by clicking here you only pay some charges when you make sales. 

This is how selar helps creators 

Selar helps creators sell digital products and services easily by giving creators all the tools they need in order to sell their services easily 

Some of those tools include 

1. A free store to sample your products 
2. It helps you collect payment from your clients in many currencies
3. It gives your online course a host so you don't worry about hosting them
4. It helps you deliver the products to your clients after they must have made payment 
5. It helps you automate things even while you sleep.

These and lots more are what selar can do for you.

If you are a creator or want to sell digital products online without hassle then you need to start using selar. 

This article has shown you how selar helps creators sell digital products and services easily, so please go ahead now and start selling your products now 

Watch the video for more info.


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