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Complete Review Of Google Sites | Plus Added Bouns | Build amazing websites easily

Review of google sites

With google free drag and drop website builder ( google sites ), you can simply create amazing web pages and publish them even with a custom domain. This review of google sites will show you amazing ways to create beautiful sites with google sites.

Google Sites is a free website builder offered by Google as part of G suites, drive, etc. Anyone with a Google account can start using google sites.

In this review of google sites, I will walk you through all you need to know about google sites so you can choose if it's good for you or not.

As also stated, I will give you an added bonus all in this guide.

A few years ago Google sites launched a new version of google sites, which came with some features that were lacked in the older version. 

These features were only available to G suites users at that time but now open to anyone. With Google Sites, you can set up a website quickly and even connect a custom domain without worrying about hosting and other related issues.

it's very easy with google sites.

Getting Started

Review of google sites

To get started with google sites all you need to do is visit on your web browser, This would take you directly to the new version of google sites.

You can literally start setting up your websites immediately it's that simple.

I like to google sites because it seamlessly connects with other Google products like Docs, forms, youtube, etc. so it makes life easy when working.

However, with all these said about google sites it still has limitations. Everything would be discussed in the review of google sites article.

So let's consider the following aspects of google sites.

1. Templates

2. Features

3. Ease of use

4. Pricing


Review of google sites

This is very important for any website builder, as it helps the user to customize a website easily without starting from scratch. 

But unfortunately, google sites lack enough templates as there are just nine templates available. You have the freedom to customize any of the templates to match what you want to use them for.

I like about the templates: the ease of use and the ability to play around with fonts, colors, etc.


This is one aspect that has many cons. Google sites lack some basic features which could have made it even better.

One notable feature it lacks that could have made it a jam for me is SEO tools, also, there is no much integration with other third-party apps with google sites, but you can easily integrate it with other Google apps. 

Adding documents from your drive is simple and very useful when working with google sites as well.

Searching for images or videos is made easy as well within the platform, you can easily embed youtube videos, or even add images just with a few clicks within the platform. 

What's so cool is that you can collaborate with others while working on google sites, it's so easy and works seamlessly. You can provide editing access to your team members. 

Another fantastic feature I like on google sites is the ability to add an announcement bar on your site. You have the option to place it sitewide or on a single page. This is a very good feature.

You can easily customize the text and colors of the banner it's a very cool way of directing your visitors to a resourceful page on your website. 

Ease of use

Google is very good at understanding users' needs, and google sites happen to be one of google's products, so the platform is user-friendly.

Google sites are straightforward and very easy to use. Like other Google products, it has an autosave which is very helpful while designing your site. 

You can easily drag and drop layouts. In general google, sites is very easy to use.

Note: This could be because the platform lacks a lot of features. But it's still a good choice.


With all the features, ease of use, templates, etc. Google sites come at the best price which is free. Anyone with a Google account can easily jump to google sites and start building websites for free.

Some of the pros and cons of google sites 

Google Sites is a good platform in general but there are some pros and cons you must consider so you know if it's for you or not.

Some of the pros

  • Google Sites is free and easy to setup
  • You can connect a custom domain to make it look professional 
  • Ease of use is one of the most important features you can`t ignore while using google sites, it's very easy to use (Drag and drop)
  • You can easily invite other people to work on a project (site) for you.
  • Collaboration is also another good feature google site has.
  • To publish a site is as easy as a click.
  • Easily connect with other Google apps

Some of the cons 

  • Google sites have no SEO tool
  • Google site lacks advanced tools
  • Google sites is just a temporary site, if you want more features and advanced settings then look elsewhere.
  • Can`t easily connect with other third-party software.

Is google sites any good?

Yes, google sites is very good. You can literally get started with just a few clicks. Google Sites is a good platform to learn and even create good-looking basic websites.

Is google sites completely free?

Google sites is absolutely free. There are no hidden charges, anyone with a Google account can start using google sites. 

Is Google sites a real website builder?

Google sites is good enough to create websites, but it's just a tool for collaboration and presentation. You can get started with creating good-looking sites but if you want an advanced setting then you should consider other website builders.

Here are google sites examples

So I decided to create some sites with google sites so I can show you some examples of google sites. Watch the videos below.

Added bouns

So I decided to add these amazing bouns to this review of google sites article to help you in creating a free e-commerce store even using google sites.

So many people found the video very helpful and I hope you will also.

How to create an e-commerce website with google sites 👇👇

How to connect a custom domain to google sites 👇👇

Hope you enjoyed this review of google sites, tell me what you think in the comments sections. 

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