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10 Best Platforms to sell Digital products in Nigeria

Platforms to sell digital products in Nigeria

Are you looking to sell your digital products online in Nigeria, and don`t know the platforms to use? well, your lucky because in this guide I will show you the 10 best platforms to sell digital products in Nigeria.

In this century, you don`t have to spend so much or wait for days before you can start selling your digital products. There are many platforms with huge markets where you can start selling your digital products and make good profits. 

No matter the type of digital product it is, there are platforms where you can sell them to make profits. 

Let's dive in and see the 10 best platforms to sell digital products in Nigeria. 

1. Sell with paystack payment page


One of the best things to happen to Nigeria's e-commerce market is paystack, I would explain.

The simple way to collect payment while focusing on selling more products is amazing. Paystack is truly one of the best ways to collect payment in Nigeria.

How to sell with paystack payment pages

To sell digital products in Nigeria with a paystack payment page you have to sign up for paystack and register, Also submit all the documents required to verify your account.

After all the registration and your account gets approved, At the left corner you should locate payment pages

Click on it and start creating your payment pages. All you need is to add the product image and set up the price then if it`s a downloadable product you need to host it on google drive and add the link to download the product at the paystack payment page while setting it up.

So whenever a customer pays for the product he/she would be redirected to where he/she can download the product.

 This is a fantastic feature from paystack and you can use it to sell any kind of digital product like ebooks, courses, etc. 

Case study>

How do I sell my ebook with paystack

To sell an ebook with paystack you need to make sure the ebook is ready, I use canva to create my ebooks, After which then follow these steps 
  • Go to google drive and upload the ebook and get the shareable link
  • On paystack create a payment page
  • Add the title/name of the ebook
  • Add the picture of the ebook
  • Setup the pricing as well
  • On the URL redirect option, after a customer has made a successful payment then paste the link of your ebook which you got from google drive. so customers can be redirected to where they can download the ebook after payment.
  • Click save and start promoting your link
This works even when your sleeping.

2. Sell on flutter wave store

Flutter wave store

This is a simple and yet very easy to use online store developed by flutter wave ( A payment gateway that helps collect payment in many different currencies)

This feature was developed to help anyone who really wants to sell digital products online in Nigeria with ease.

How to sell on flutter wave store 

Create a flutter wave account 

On your dashboard click on store and start creating your store to sell any type of digital products in Nigeria.

It`s all done. All you need is to start promoting the link so you start making sales. 

3. Sell on ecwid

sell on ecwid

Talking about the best platforms to sell digital products in Nigeria, ecwid is surely one of the best to use. Its simplicity is so fantastic.

Ecwid has both free and paid versions but trust me even with the free plan you can sell up to 10 products.

Ecwid can be used to sell both physical and digital products in Nigeria. 

How to sell digital products with ecwid

Create an account on ecwid

Follow the magical To-Do List ecwid offers. It would help you set up everything from start to finish 

Add your products and set up payment gateways and it's done.

You can also use ecwid to run ads to promote your products. Ecwid also gives you the feature to sell on your favorite social media.

The platform is cool check it out.

4. Sell with selar

Sell with selar

This is another great platform to sell digital products in Nigeria. You can use selar to sell both physical and digital products in Nigeria. 

Selar handles all the payment issues for you, so you can keep making products and even more sales. 

How to use selar

Create a selar account 

Starting adding your products its that easy

Set up payment gateways and start making sales.

5. Sell on udemy

This is only for people that want to sell online courses, anyone can sell online courses as long as you have knowledge of what you would be teaching. Udemy marketplace is very helpful to sell your online digital courses. 

This is by far one of the best platforms to sell digital ( Video courses ) online in Nigeria and beyond. 

If you create video courses online then you must try out udemy because it has tons of students who really buy courses online and udemy helps you to host and promote these courses for free. 

You only pay a small percentage when you make sales.

Sign up on udemy today and become a verified instructor to start selling your courses on udemy.

6. Sell on your blog

A blog is a very nice way to sell your digital products in Nigeria, It provides a means for you to communicate with your audience and brings that connection between you and them.

Blog writing is very effective and can help you make more sales if you know what you are doing.

Starting a blog is way very easy now.

All you need is a domain name and web hosting to host your WordPress blog

The best hosting so far is kindly and it's very affordable.

You can also use blogger for free but if you want the best blogging platform to use, Then use WordPress. 

After setting up your blog, you now need to start creating content to market your digital products.

This is one of the best platforms to sell digital products in Nigeria because the platform actually belongs to you.

7. Sell on social media 

You can`t go wrong with social media, with the power social media has it's very important you start selling your digital product on social media. 

The best part is, if you can afford ads and know exactly how to run them, then you can reach more audiences and make more sales with social media. 

There are lots of users using social media, so the earlier you start the better.

To start selling on social media all you need is to create an account on your favorite social media, showcase your products and start getting orders.

8. Sell on Shutterstock

Sell on shutterstock

 Shutterstock is a website where professional high-quality images can be purchased. These images are sold to anyone who needs a commercial image. 

As photography, whenever you take awesome pictures you know people would buy, You can upload it at Shutterstock, and whenever someone makes the purchase you earn and still have the rights to your pictures,

 This is a fantastic marketplace for photographers. 

All that is required is just to sign up and start uploading your images to that selling them. 

Note: It's very important you note that the pictures should be high quality. 

How much does it cost to sell on Shutterstock?

It doesn't cost a dine to upload or sell images on Shutterstock but they collect 60 to 70 percent of the money whenever your image is been purchased. 

9. Sell on Printivo store

Sell on printivo

Printivo is an online print-on-demand shop in Nigeria. It provides printing services such as business cards, wedding cards, designs on cloths, etc. and  they deliver it to your doorsteps 

Printivo has an online marketplace where anyone especially graphic designers can upload their designs and text products and earn 15% of the sales whenever a customer makes use of your designs. 

How to start selling on printivo store 

Create a printivo store account

Customize your store 

Start adding your designs with printivo tools

Monitor the activities of your store on the dashboard 

Share your store on social media to start making sales.

10. Sell on your own e-commerce store

The best platform to sell digital products in Nigeria is to sell on your own platform. An e-commerce store that you own and have full control of is just the best because you make all the decisions yourself.

With your own e-commerce platform, you're growing your own market and brand.

Although this has its pros and cons it's still the best so far.

Some of the pros of owning your e-commerce store 

  • You have full control of everything
  • You set the pricing no paying of fees when you make sales
  • You are building your own brand

Some of the cons are

  • Requires you to keep maintaining the site regularly but you can hire someone for that
  • You need to do a lot of promotions to start driving traffic to your store
  • Not totally free to set up your own e-commerce store
One thing I like about having your own e-commerce store is that it gives you room to build your own brand online but it actually takes time to do so.

Ecommerce is necessary these days as more and more people shop online in this century. Some of the richest men in the world today do e-commerce, A good example is Amazon.

How to set up your own e-commerce store 

You need a domain name and web hosting 

You can search for a domain name with Namecheap 

And get quality and affordable hosting at kinslic

All the detailed instructions to connect them would be provided by the web host, After which install WordPress on your domain.

After the installations, You need to now install some plugins to enable you to have a fully functional e-commerce store.

Install woo-commerce, Yoast SEO, and a very good e-commerce theme. There are many free and paid e-commerce themes a good one is zakra theme.

Then start editing. You need to know how to use or edit so to be able to set up a good-looking e-commerce store.

You can reach out to Me to set things up for you properly.

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So, here you have it. These are the best platforms to sell digital products in Nigeria. Start with any of these platforms so you can start making sales with your digital products.

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