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Grammarly Chrome Extension Review

Grammarly chrome extension review

Grammarly's AI products help in so many ways to avoid errors when it comes to writing. In this Grammarly chrome extension review, we would be focusing mainly on how you can use Grammarly chrome extension to save time and avoid typos while writing. 

No matter how fluent you are in English, you likely still have occasional issues with punctuations, spellings, grammar, etc. Now, this is where Grammarly comes in. It helps you do those jobs and allow you to focus on getting the writing done. 

A few years ago I discovered Grammarly and trust me I have been using it even up till this point. 

Grammarly can be installed on any browser of your choice and even has a mobile app to help you on the go. It can work as an alternative or addition to spellcheck, offering more detailed feedback and even writing advice. 

How to use Grammarly for chrome

To use Grammarly in your chrome browser all you need to do is to install Grammarly in your chrome extension and sign up for an account and that`s it. 

Note: Grammarly has both free and paid plans and trusts me the paid plan is worth it. Even with the free plan, you get so many features, such as spellcheck, punctuations, etc. You can even get to see the tone of your writing. I so much love the app.

Here are the differences between the free and paid versions of Grammarly 

The free version: The free version of grammar provides spelling, grammar, and punctuation suggestions on all sites on the internet, That means Grammarly is by your side whenever your writing on the web. Additionally, it helps with tone correction and conciseness notes on select sites. 

This tool is ideal for anybody who writes on the web even if it's on social media, it helps a lot.

Once the plugin or extension is downloaded, you can click in and customize the settings for automatic spellcheck and more.

There would be a little green logo of Grammarly that pops out on the bottom right corner of your screen.

The paid version:  With all the features available in the free plan, you can only imagine how the paid plan would be like. 

The paid version of Grammarly provides users with even more detailed feedback and spellcheck, including suggestions on which words to swap out to change up your vocabulary usage or make your tone more polite and even more friendly.

The payment option are monthly or yearly but when you pay yearly you get some discounts. Starts at $29.95 per month

For me Grammarly is worth it both free and paid versions. 

Is it safe to add Grammarly to chrome?

Grammarly is absolutely safe to add and use for chrome. it requires internet to work as it connects to their server and the data transfer is private and encrypted. so its absolutely safe to use Grammarly on chrome. I have been using Grammarly for chrome for years and i have no issues so far.

Are Grammarly extensions free for Chrome?

Yes, Grammarly has a free chrome extension and this is a dream come through as it helps in email writing, social media writing, blog writing etc. Its very helpful. 

This Grammarly chrome review guide has provided detailed info about how to use Grammarly for chrome and why you need to start using it especially if your a blogger, or a writer of any kind. hope you enjoyed this guide.

If you have any questions, i would be in the comments waiting. 

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