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How to start an ecommerce business in Nigeria ( complete-guide )


Ecommerce business in Nigeria
Ecommerce business

Obviously, You want to know how to start an e-commerce business in Nigeria. Well, congratulations you have taken a step in the right direction because, In this article, you would learn how to start an e-commerce business in Nigeria Step by step. 

The e-commerce business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in Nigeria and beyond and this so because of the increasing number of smartphone and internet users which has lead to tremendous growth in the e-commerce industry.

Online shopping sites like Jumia, Konga, Jiji, etc has encouraged many to join the e-commerce industry, and the amazing part is that you can start small and grow steadily.

But wait what`s e-commerce ??? 😶

What`s Ecommerce? 

Ecommerce simply means electronic commerce which involves the buying and selling of goods and services online. In recent years e-commerce has proven to be a huge source of economic growth and that`s why sites like Amazon, eBay, etc are high up when it comes to e-commerce growth.

Here is a list of some of the businesses that can be done as an e-commerce business in Nigeria 

  1. Fashion shop
  2. Natural and beauty shop
  3. Online courses development 
  4. Food business
  5. Catering services
  6. Groceries store
  7. Mobile accessories store 
  8. Dropshipping business
The ability to transact online is what makes This business e-commerce. A website that is integrated with a payment gateway is enough even if it's a physical or digital product.

Below is the step by step procedure to take in order to start an e-commerce business in Nigeria.

Step 1. Register your business with CAC

Once you are convinced it`s time to register your business name with CAC. This would help because when your business is registered, you can then open a bank account for your business and obtain other legal documents. 

Most payment gateway you would want to work with might require that your business is legally registered, so business name registration is important.

Step 2 Create a reasonable business plan

Every business needs a business plan in order to stay focused and know the next step in the business.

Ecommerce business in Nigeria business plan
Business plan

Some business plans are not realistic so when creating your business plan, make sure it's very clear and achievable.

Step 3 Create your online store.

An online store is a major essential to start an e-commerce business. Luckily there are many solutions available in starting/building an e-commerce store. 

If you can`t afford to invest money on hosting and other things like a developer etc, You can begin with a free solution then as time goes by and your e-commerce business begins to grow then, you migrate to a self-hosted site and unlock even more potentials.

So many solutions are now available that are quite easy to set up without you having any prior knowledge in web designing. such as woo-commerce, Shopify, ecwid that can integrate even with your social media accounts. etc.

Alternatively, you can start listing your products on established e-commerce sites like jumia, Konga, Jiji, etc. to start making sales as fast as possible as they provide all the necessary infrastructure needed to successfully run an e-commerce business in Nigeria. 

Another very important factor is your domain name. You can secure your domain name while working towards becoming an established vendor.

Click here to buy a cheap domain name with free whois protection 

Step 4 Payment gateway integration

Ecommerce payment gateways
payment gateways

A means to collect payment is another necessary thing when it comes to e-commerce business in Nigeria. There are lots of payment gateways but I would recommend paystack. it's secured and trusted by many big brands. 

Offline payment is also very much possible but using both online and offline payment gateway would be more effective.

Step 5 Marketing and promotion

Constant marketing and promotion can not be over emphasized. Even as big as some of these e-commerce companies are, they run promotions and carry out marketing strategies that would yield even more sales.

Leverage on the power of social media, email marketing, SEO, etc


There are lots of challenges when building an e-commerce business in Nigeria, but if you can follow the basic step by steps info here, then you can build an e-commerce business and make it a profitable one.

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