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How to create and sell digital products online in Nigeria: A complete roadmap plus 10 ideas to get started

create and sell digital products online in Nigeria

Digital products like music, videos, ebooks, online courses, etc are being consumed every day in huge numbers.

Although this product can`t be held and touched many entrepreneurs still build their entire businesses around these intangible products, due to their ease of distribution and popularity. 

The best part is that digital products can be created once and sold repeatedly to different customers without having to worry about inventory, stock, and other issues related to physical products, therefore making it an ideal business for freelancers, content creators, etc.

In this guide, I will show you how to create and sell digital products online in Nigeria plus 10 great ideas to get you started. 

Trust me, let`s face it, creating digital products is easy especially with some software and applications available these days (I will show you how). but where the problem is, is actually collecting payment and delivering the products even while you sleep, you need to automate things.

Well, good news I gat everything covered in this guide. 

Will show you how to collect payment with paystack and deliver the product automatically after successful payment.

In general, you are going to learn how to create and sell digital products online in Nigeria, even as a beginner or as an expert looking to automate the process and have more time to create products.

To make this guide easy to read, I decided to add some bullet points to show you the TABLE OF CONTENT.

What you would learn from this guide right now

  • What is digital a products
  • 10 digital products you can sell online
  • How to find digital products ideas that sell
  • How to create a digital product
  • Best tools for creating and selling a professional digital product
  • Conclusion.


A digital product is an intangible product or media files. They are soft copies of content, these products often come in form of downloadable or streamable files. 


The benefits of creating a digital product can not be overemphasized

1. Electronic learning is the future. The industry has grown so fast and still growing which makes it a very profitable business idea 

2.Everything can be automated. You only need to do the work once and that`s all. Even while asleep you can be making sales. 

3. High-profit margin. there is no recurring cost of goods, you keep making profits.

Bonus point: Some wired facts about digital products in Nigeria 

Nigerians rarely purchase digital products and there are so many reasons for this. but Naira - dollar exchange rates have been the major factor since most sellers consider the price in USD before placing their selling price.

Think about an average Nigerian who earns ₦12,000.00 imagine him/her releasing almost one-third of the money just to purchase a music album lol.

Now I gave this example because to survive as a digital marketer in Nigeria you need to first find out what exactly your product is trying to solve and not all types of digital product work here so you need to do your due diligence.  

5 best apps for selling digital products 

There is a lot of digital marketing tools to consider when planning to sell digital products online

1. Payhip: This app is a lovely app that hosts any digital product from music, courses, etc., and allows you the seller to set prices and deliver the product after a successful payment. The process is automated so even if your sleeping business still continues.

2. Single music: As a musician, this app is made with you in mind. It lets you sell and include a sample clip for your customers.

3. Teachable: This is another great app that lets you monetize your expertise by adding online courses to your teachable school. It's a very easy and fantastic platform to use when creating your online courses. A free plan is available but you pay more fees for processing when someone buys your course.

4. Udemy: Just like teachable, udemy allows you to monetize your expertise by creating and selling an online course which could be on anything

5. Paystack payment page: This is a really cool feature and still very effective today to sell digital products online in Nigeria because all payments would go directly into your paystack dashboard from which you can forward them into your bank accounts.

To create a paystack payment page is simple how it works? 

Sign in / sign up for paystack 

At the menu bar, an option to create a payment page would be displayed 

Select it and follow the instructions 

All these apps are great and fantastic to sell digital products online in Nigeria but the best method is to create and be able to sell digital products online on your own website or domain.

create a website to sell digital products
To do this you need a website, which could be done easily if you follow these simple steps

1.Get a domain name 

Domain name is the address of your website. 

It's what people type when searching for your website. e.g

I love Namecheap because their domain names are very cheap with less than $10 you get your domain name and free whois protection, to protect your identity.


2. Hosting

All website needs to be hosted. There carefree hosting and paid ones, but you can use google blogger which is free to get started. 

3. Start publishing

After connecting your domain and the host together, the next thing to do is to start publishing our digital products and implement payment gateways to accept payments.

Paystack is the best payment gateway for Nigerians because it's easy and fast to get started with and you can accept both local and international currencies. 

create and sell digital products online in Nigeria

2. 10 digital products you can sell online  

1. Sell ebooks

2. Sell courses

3 Sell music or art

4.Sell membership subscription 

5.Sell digital templates or tools

6.Sell your expertise or services 

7.Sell software

8.Sell license to digital assets

9.Sell podcasts

10.Sell designs

3. How to find digital products idea that sells

1. Brainstorm/think No matter the kind of products you want to sell, it probably has been done before, but you need to brainstorm to find out what the unique problem the digital product would solve.

Brainstorm and write ideas down whether good or bad.

2. Research This one is so important and when done properly can hold great results.  Proper research should be done about the digital product you're trying to produce. Go to Facebook groups, forums, blog posts, and comments, etc and do a little survey, that would help you know what problem you should be solving with your digital products.

4. How to create a digital product 

Depending on the type of digital product you want to produce, there are several apps that would help make the process easier. 

For digital products like ebooks, online courses, graphics, and designs canva would be a good choice for designing the products. Another great app that can help create a digital product is google drive. google drive stores the digital product, and it's free up to 15GB of space its amazing

5.Best tools for creating and selling a professional digital product 

Here are some of the very best tools that can help you create and sell your digital products in Nigeria.

1. Canva

2.Google drive 

3.Udemy market place

4. Paystack


6. Conclusion 

There are still a lot of other ways to create and sell digital products online in Nigeria but I have shown you the very best methods. 

Another bonus point

Promotion is everything. To sell digital products online in Nigeria you need to promote your products to reach the right audience who really needs your product.

You have any questions? I will be in the comments section. Please share !!!

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