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How to create an ecommerce website On blogger - Step by step tutorial

how to create an ecommerce website in blogger

Have you ever wondered how to create an e-commerce website On blogger???  

Well in this Article I would show you step-by-step methods you can use to add e-commerce functionalities to your Blogspot blog. 

Google blogger is a blogging platform offered and hosted by Google for free. 

Over the years to add e-commerce functionalities to blogger is not as easy as I'm going to show you in this article but with the advent of some themes, app and some integrations which can be embedded, adding e-commerce abilities to blogger is now easy and very flexible. 

However, I have heard so many bloggers and others say that e-commerce is mainly created easily by using the woo-commerce plugin in the WordPress platform while that is true to an extent I bet to disagree because there are so many things involved in an e-commerce platform from the cost of the domain name to hosting, plugins, security, themes, etc. not everyone can afford all this from the start but creating an e-commerce website or store on blogger is way cheaper and offer top-notch security as well. 

So now you may want to know how to create an eCommerce website on blogger well Join me as I break down every single step on how to create an e-commerce website on blogger.

Step 1: Create a free blog or website on blogger 

The google blogger platform is one of the best content management systems (CMS) available. although it lacks some features compared to WordPress it's still one of the best choices available. 

blogger website setup

To create a blog or website on blogger you just need a Google account. 

After which logon to the blogger website and click on get started, then add the name of the website and naturally all sites created with blogger has a ( subdomain choose a web address and theme and click on create. 

Congratulations you now have a website created and hosted for free but there is still work to do so we can have an e-commerce store on our blogger website.

So our website is up and running now the next step is to know how to create an e-commerce website on blogger and this could be done in two ways/methods

  • Uploading an e-commerce theme/templates
  • Embedding your store into your blogger website 

The two methods are the best way to integrate an eCommerce store to your blogger website. 

Uploading an e-commerce theme

To upload an e-commerce theme to your blogger website, you need to login to the website backend this is where you post, edit, check statistics, etc. 

Click on the theme tab. The themes offered by the blogger website are not the best, some looks like a website from the past so now we need an e-commerce theme and the best place to find free blogger themes are

Here is a video about several blogger e-commerce themes

I have tried several themes and the best so far is the Sora cart theme. Search for it and download it to your computer.

It's important to know that the theme is going to download as a zip file so you need to unzip it or extract the files. we only need the XML documents of the theme.

To install the theme or template to your blogger site, at the back end click on the Themes tab, then click on the down arrow beside the customize option, then click on restore and lastly click on upload. 

Upload the XML  file and save it. Visit the site now it should have eCommerce abilities.

After uploading the theme the next thing to do is to edit and customize the theme to fit your brand and style. 

All the themes have documentation go through it and follow the instructions to be able to fully customize every single part of it.

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Before we move to the second method now I should have provided you with the answer on how to create an eCommerce website on blogger.

It's that easy and straight forward and the best part of it is that you don't need to worry about hosting and every single problem related to security just protect your password and it's safe. 

Blogger provides a free SSL certificate which is very necessary for an eCommerce website to be able to collect payments.

Now I'm going to show you another method on how to create an eCommerce website on blogger.

Embedding your store into your blogger website 

After setting up your blog, instead of uploading an eCommerce theme or template you only need to embed your store which would be created with Ecwid to your blogger website.

What is Ecwid and how can you use it to create an e-commerce website on blogger ?? 

Ecwid store setup

Ecwid is a software that allows anyone to sell products online, both on Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Anywhere at all and you can easily embed your store anywhere that HTML can be embedded and luckily blogger has that feature.

To create an e-commerce website On blogger and have your store on it has never been so easy with Ecwid and blogger. 

Let's look at how to create an e-commerce website On blogger using Ecwid. 

Sign up for an Ecwid account. Ecwid has a forever free plan but with limitations.

If your products are 10 or below then you could use the forever free plan. The free plan allows you to test things out and after making sales you should have enough to upgrade to a paid plan. the prices are reasonable and affordable too. 

After creating your account the next thing to do is to set things up in your Ecwid dashboard. 

Upload your products and set prices, then Ecwid allows you to integrate your store into any platform and even on your social media platforms.

To embed your store on your blogger website click the integration tab and request for the embed code. login into the backend of your blogger website and click on edit HTML, paste the code after the <body> tab, and save.

Visit your site and your store would be listed on your blogger website. it's that easy and you can control everything right in your Ecwid dashboard.

If you have read this article this far then congratulations I have shown you how to create an e-commerce website on blogger, the next step is to set up your payment gateways.

Step 2: Payment gateways 

Payment gateways for ecommerce website on blogger

This is one of the most important parts of an e-commerce website. payment gateways are the ways you collect payments on your site.

If you used the theme or templates method to create your e-commerce website on blogger then setting up the payment gateways would be in the documentation of the theme so go through it properly.

For the second method which involves creating your e-commerce website on blogger with Ecwid, the payment gateways would be set up on your Ecwid dashboard. 

Ecwid has a lot of payment integration From Paypal to paystack to stripe to Payoneer etc over 40 payment gateways so check it out and set up your payment gateway to start receiving payments.


An attempt has been made above to explain vividly how to create an e-commerce website on blogger using the theme and templates method.

An e-commerce website is now easy more than ever to create within the blogger platform and it has been proven in this article. 

If you found it helpful please share to your friends and If confused or have any question at all please use the comments section.

Happy creating !!!. 

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  1. It's highly impressive finding a complete and comprehensive article showing how to create an e-commerce website with the Blogger CMS. This is amazing!

    One question though, how about creating online courses on Blogger CMS with responsive layout and customization? Is it only available for creating an e-commerce website for physical and digital products?

    1. Thanks I'm glad you found it helpful

    2. For your question about creating an online course with blogger. It could be possible it will mean integrating the blogger blog through some software.
      I will write another detailed article about this idea. Thanks again 😊👍

  2. The advantage of this kind of website is that, it can be managed and maintained by any member of the team who are well qualified in the field of website development.

  3. This is very helpful. Thanks a lot!

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