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How To Use Canva: App From Scratch (Ultimate Guide)

How to use canva

Discovering how to use canva is worth it, considering if you Have ever sat down to design or edit graphics, and it doesn't seem to represent what you have in mind. 

Especially when you are not graphically inclined.

Sometimes it takes several hours to come up with the finished product of your imagination.

I have paid people for logos and graphic designs for my blog and youtube channel but that was before I knew canva.

Ever since then I no longer spend unnecessary money but canva has given me that feeling that I could also do some basic graphic designing myself and I have enjoyed every part of it.


Today I will show you how to use canva app from scratch to design graphics. It's simple and free.

In this article, we are going to consider,

  • what is canva
  • How to create a canva account
  • How much does canva account cost
  • How to use canva step by step
  • How to use canva for free
  • Is canva hard to use
  • Can you print from canva for free?
  • Difference between canva and canva pro
  • Best way to use canva
  • Canva for work

what is canva

What is canva

Canva is a graphic design software that enables anyone to create and or design beautiful images and photos. You can literally design anything on canva.

It is made for both non-graphic and graphic designers.

It comes with a lot of simples to use templates and you can save or edit your design easily
. It is made for both non-graphic and graphic designers.

It comes with a lot of simples to use templates and you can save or edit your design easily.

It has a lot of free stock images and a beautiful template that makes it easy for anyone to use

How to create canva account

To create an account

Log on to canva

Click on sign up

how to use canva from scratch

Enter your email address and password

Open your email address and confirm your registration

It's simple, free, and easy to sign up😎


How much does canva account cost

To create a canva account is free and simple But canva for work (pro) is paid. 

I recommend canva for work (canva pro) if your interested in working often with designs or making a profit from it e.g writing an ebook for sale, canva for work is great for that.

Canva for work of course has more features but the free version is awesome too !!

How to use canva step by step

To use canva is very simple it has lots of templates you can design with. Also has amazing free images and paid ones as well

Step 1 Template size and shape: 

so you have to select the size and shape of the template you want to design. It could be a social media template with lost of different sizes and shapes e.g a Facebook template or Pinterest etc

how to use canva from scratch

Step 2 background: 

To edit the background, your click on the background of the template and select from canva images of which some are free and some are paid or upload your image

Step 3 logo and or URL: 

This step is important for your brand. You can add the logo of your brand by uploading the logo click on it and drag it to the position you want it to be. You can also add a link of your site to your design by clicking on add link, after clicking on the image you want to link to your site

how to use canva from scratch


Step 4 Name your image: 

Most atimes to remember the name of an image could be a problem especailly when you have lot of images so always name your images with relevant and easy to remember names.

Step 5 finish and save: 

After editing your design you click on save at the top right corner and choose how to save the file either as JNP, PNG, PDF, etc

Note: To save as PNG your need to upgrade to the pro version.

How to use canva for free

To use canva for free you just need to sign up for a free account by clicking here. It's easy and comes with some free images and beautiful templates

save time with canva

Is canva hard to use?

Canva is very simple and easy to use. It has beautiful templates and images you just need to select your preferred one.

Canva comes in handy, you can use your mobile phone anywhere anytime to edit your graphics

The instructions on how to use canva are simple and easy to follow

Canva mobile app is great, it provides you the opportunity to continue your design on the go.

You can download it on the play store for Android and on the apple store for iPhone users.

can you print from canva for free?

No,canva print can only be obtained using a desktop browser and price starts from US$9

But you can download the file and then print using your home or office printer.

I advise you to download it as a PDF file it's great that way

Difference between canva free and canva pro

Canva is free to use but canva Pro is a paid version of it.

Canva Pro provides you the opportunity to do a lot more on canva. 

For example: downloading a PNG file is not possible on free canva but canva pro, you can do that. If your goinig  to use canva to write an ebook you can only download 30 pages on each download on free canva but canva pro, you can download more.

Canva pro allows you to magically resize your design in any dimension while you can't do that in the free version


Best way to use canva

The best way to use canva is to play around with the template, images, fonts, background, etc, and see what works for you.

You could also design from scratch. You can design Facebook images, Instagram, Tweeter, Pinterest, etc.

Use canva for work (canva pro)

Canva for work has more features than the free one. It is quite affordable to use as well


With canva for work you can magically resize your design or images, Just click on resize and you can resize it in any dimension.

It's so simple and easy

Like everything in life the more you practice the better. Canva for work is great for branding.

Just play around with the features you will love it

.It's also great for teamwork.

So these are the ways on How to use canva for your design works.

Please share with friends, sharing is caring and hope you enjoy using canva

I would love to see how you use canva and what you find interesting about it. Talk to me about what you feel on the comment section.


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